Overall definition

The e-science corresponds to an evolution of science: a collaborative, distributed and innovative science. Imaginated in the beginning of this millenium in United Kingdom by John Taylor, this new term don't really correspond to e-lectronic science but more to e-nhanced science.

If e-science concepts were closely related to High Performance Computing, the development of web 2.0 approach permit to better investigate the collaborative side of e-science.


In the scientist point of view, e-science is primarily manifested through grid computing. this first step of computationally intensive science allow users to analyse very large scale data collections in distributed network environments.

The recent evolution of the distributed technologies is illustrated by the cloud computing development.

In the e-science sheme, Internet play a central role for aspects related to data, information and resources accessibility. The ongoing evolution of the web allow now scientists to fully take advantage of large amount of data to explore, analyse, manage and visualize informations. Web portal, platform, HUB, ... are emerging and just begin to deliver power.