Data Management Plan

We are working hard to propose an automatic or semi automatic DMP creation using ISA-tab files. Waiting for this service, you can consult a first template of CeSGO DMP in the CeSGO wiki template section. If you want to write your own, you can use the this template when creating a CeSGO wiki page like presented above:

Data analysis

Galaxy allows to realize bioinformatics analysis (NGS, proteomic, text manipulation, etc.) on data with a wide range of tools.

The Genouest platform provides a Galaxy instance, using the Genocluster's computing power.

This instance is available to the Genouest's members only and need authentication (Genouest LDAP). To create a new account, please go to the Genouest account manager

File manager

The save of data files for the EMME project can be done with the file manager called Pydio (formerly Ajaxplorer).

A deposit files system has been set up to store and share files. It was deployed to allow users depositing their data , ISA-tab or configuration files .

The environment displayed offers the essential security services, namely the management rights (user group). The user can chose to have private data or to share it to the community.

Two FTP servers are available by Ajaxplorer : one for the storage (EMME FTP) and the other for the data analysis (Galaxy FTP) with a directly access inside Galaxy.

Users can log in with their Genouest account email/password. To open a new account, please visit the Genouest website via the "Contacts - Lin ks" tab.

The file manager is available clicking on the image below.


Omero is a client-server software for visualization, management and images analysis from the microscope in biology.

OMERO.insight (local) and OMERO.web (web) both are applications proposed by OMERO. For more information, visit the website of Open Microscopy Environment (OME) .

EMME project offers the possiblity to use this platform because it is linked to the theme of experimental metadata management. (via editing protocols / experiences)


OMERO.insight provides a lot of tools to access and use images in an Omero server.

This last one includes the modules OMERO.import allowing the user to transfert images to the server and OMERO.editor offering protocol editions and experiments.

Here are the OMERO.insight applications and parameters :

OMERO.insight Windows : windows_logo

OMERO.insight Linux : windows_logo

OMERO.insight Windows : windows_logo

Server Adress :
Port : 4064


OMERO.web is a client for search, annotation and image visualization.

Many features are similar to OMERO.insight. Only OMERO.import and OMERO.editor applications are not available.

An OMERO.web instance is available just below to access server.