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  1. Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory based on Galaxy

    16 Feb 2016 | Galaxy tools | Contributor(s): Alveo

    Australian Nectar Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory based on Galaxy


  2. MOD2016 : e-Science presentation, or how to manage and analyse omics data

    07 Feb 2016 | Presentation Slides | Contributor(s): yvan le bras


  3. Big Data: Astronomical or Genomical?

    21 Jan 2016 | Documents | Contributor(s): Zachary D. Stephens, Skylar Y. Lee, Faraz Faghri, Roy H. Campbell, Chengxiang Zhai, Miles J. Efron, Ravishankar Iyer, Michael C. Schatz, Saurabh Sinha, Gene E. Robinson

    Genomics is a Big Data science and is going to get much bigger, very soon, but it is not known whether the needs of genomics will exceed other Big Data domains. Projecting to the year 2025, we...


  4. Présentation HCERES IRISA 2016 : Axe Biologie santé

    21 Jan 2016 | Presentation Slides | Contributor(s): Olivier Dameron

    Présentation effectuée par Olivier Dameron lors de l'évaluation HCERES de l'UMR IRISA de Rennes le 21 janvier 2015.


  5. Construction de chaînes d'analyses automatisées : Workflows et Galaxy

    28 Oct 2015 | Posted by yvan le bras

    Le métier de biologiste évolue en lien avec les évolution technologiques (i.e. séquenceurs nouvelle génération, spectromètres de masse en tandem,...


  6. yvan le bras

    Initially a marine Biologist, focusing on Populations structure, I received a PhD on quantitative genetics and genomics in Rennes University. After a one year postdoc at INSERM dedicated to...