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  1. RADseq Hackathon

    Link towards the initial GitHub page IUC Contribution Fest – RADseq Tools and Workflows Link towards the Trello Google Hangout visio for international coordination :...


  2. Remote Hackathon IUC Galaxy RADseq: Introduction to RADseq

    06 Mar 2016 | Documents | Contributor(s): yvan le bras


  3. Remote Hackathon IUC Galaxy RADseq: Introduction to Planemo / Bioconda

    06 Mar 2016 | Documents | Contributor(s): Anthony Bretaudeau


  4. Remote Hackathon IUC Galaxy RADseq: Introduction to Docker

    06 Mar 2016 | Documents | Contributor(s): Cyril Monjeaud


  5. Command line Stacks Workflow

    17 Feb 2016 | Analysis tools | Contributor(s): Eric Normandeau

    An integrated workflow around the STACKS software pipeline to help streamline RAD and GBS analyses Stacks Workflow is developped in Louis Bernatchez' lab. WARNING The software is...


  6. metadonnees-1/Metadonnes.xlsx

    30 Oct 2015 | Datasets



  7. Analyse de données RADseq sous Galaxy : l'exemple de STACKS

    07 Jun 2015 | Tutorials | Contributor(s): yvan le bras, Cyril Monjeaud, Anthony Bretaudeau

    Support de la formation RADseq sous Galaxy dispensée sur la plateforme bioinformatique rennaise GenOuest. Lien vers le formulaire d'inscription. Présentation Cette formation initie...


  8. STACKS populations: Run the STACKS populations program

    28 Jan 2015 | Galaxy tools | Contributor(s): yvan le bras

    The tool is available in the GenOuest Galaxy instance here This program, part of the STACKS pipeline, will be executed in place of the genotypes program when a population is being processed...